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School Life

School Life

The years spent in Clavis will give your child not only a good education, but also new friends, many hobbies, ways of broadening horizons, and much more.With an inquiring way of looking at the world through the learner profile, our students develop their character skills as well as interpersonal self-management, to interact with the world.


Inclusion & Diversity

We foster diversity, equity, and inclusion.


After-school activities

School is more than just classes and lectures. Our students can integrate a variety of extra-curricular activities after school hours.


Student Success

Teachers positively affect retention, graduation, and the overall experience of our students.

En résumé...

Learning takes place anywhere and everywhere. From the classroom to outdoor activities, during question time, discussions, playtime, sports, fieldtrips, exhibition, swimming and much more.Our students also experience camping in Year 5, and they have an educational trip to Rodrigues in Year 6. Teachers are always there to guide our students on their learning journey, so they make the most of each situation.

What do our students say?

Many students from all over the world choose our school each year. Let them tell you why...


Nancy DeBaere

Year 5 Student

I came from America and I am a student at Clavis. Clavis is a very great school and I really like the teachers and the learning plan. And I feel very safe at Clavis.

31st March 2021


Yanice Olivier


Year 1996 - I joined clavis and started in year 3- I was overwhelmed by the new teaching approach and the wonderful atmosphere there. My best memories go to the fantastic headmaster we had- Mr Nicolas Hamer, he was full of surprise, fun, and still so professional. He had this ability to make anyone love school, and I believe that I was one of those Lucky kids who had this chance. . . I am now 33 and working as an art teacher in a private school and I am happy to do what I love the most, it is important and I learned that at Clavis!

31st March 2021


Year 6 Student

I am studying at Clavis International Primary School. I must say that my choice for a school... for a long time but I am absolutely satisfied. I feel at home here, have friends and good relationship with teachers.