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CIPS Beau Champ Campus: FAQs

Clavis International Primary School’s new Beau Champ Campus is scheduled to open its doors to new students in January 2025, marking the start of the new academic year. We are thrilled to expand and support the growing needs of students and their families living closer to this region of the island. This page provides additional information for families interested in attending this campus, whether they are new to Clavis or considering a shift from our Moka campus.


Where is the new campus?The Beau Champ Campus is located within the developing Anahita Beau Champ smart city on the east coast of Mauritius. You can find the location on Google Maps here.

Academic Levels and Class Sizes

What year levels will you have?The campus will initially support students in Pre-Reception (age three, as of January 1), Reception (age four, as of January 1), and Year 1 (age five, as of January 1). Each year, an additional year level will be added, starting with Year 2 in January 2026. If demand requires, we are prepared to open a second class in a year level if there is sufficient interest.
How many students will be in the classes?Class sizes at the Beau Champ campus will be slightly smaller due to limited specialists and support staff during the initial years. The maximum student numbers may be capped at 15 in Pre-Reception, 18 in Reception, and 22 in Year 1. Each class will have a homeroom teacher and a teaching assistant, both of whom are qualified teachers.


What are the admissions requirements?The admissions requirements are the same as those at our Moka campus. Families must submit relevant reports and forms depending on the student’s year level and previous school attendance. In the Pre-Primary years, an observation will assess the student's language, communication abilities, emotional and maturity development, and social skills. For Primary students, a short assessment will determine academic levels and help with student placement. More information can be found on our admissions page.
Special Educational NeedsThe Beau Champ campus will not initially employ an inclusion teacher for special learning needs until a certain threshold of students is reached. Consequently, we cannot currently accept students who require a modified learning program or additional support to meet learning expectations. This condition will be reviewed annually.

Fees and Timings

What are the school fees?Both campuses (Moka and Beau Champ) will have the same fee structure. The 2024 school fee information is available here, and the 2025 school fees will be announced at the end of August 2024. A fee increase is expected, but the exact amount will be determined once the final budgets for 2025 are completed.
What are the school timings?School timings at our Moka Campus are influenced by local traffic patterns and our relationship with Le Bocage International Secondary School. While timings will be similar at Beau Champ, they will not be exactly the same. Classroom start times are expected to be around 08:00 to 08:15, with dismissal times around 14:00 to 14:15. Detailed information can be found in the CIPS Family Handbook, available here.

Transportation and Facilities

Will there be school transportation?The school does not provide transportation services. Instead, we partner with vetted local operators for families to coordinate and contract with directly. Depending on the number of students and family needs, we will assist in finding transportation options. Transportation costs will depend on the number of students using the service.
Can we see the campus?Currently, the Beau Champ site is a construction zone and not open to visitors until after September. Prospective parents and children are welcome to visit the Moka campus to learn about our learning program and classroom engagements.
Will there be a canteen or school shop?In 2025, there will not be a canteen at the Beau Champ campus. The construction and operation of a canteen will depend on student demand. There will also be no school shop for uniforms at Beau Champ; the shop will operate through the Moka campus. Uniforms and additional items can be purchased online, and weekly deliveries will be made to the Beau Champ campus for collection.

Transfers and Extracurricular Activities

Can I transfer between the two campuses?Yes, transfers between Beau Champ and Moka are possible but depend on several conditions:     ● Students requiring additional support cannot move to Beau Champ due to the lack of inclusion staff.     ● Transfers are dependent on space availability. If there is no space, students can join a waiting list.     ● Transfers are at the discretion of the Head of School, considering the impact on both campuses.
Will there be extracurricular activities?Extracurricular activities are an important part of our holistic learning approach. Options at the Beau Champ campus in 2025 depend on external providers, staff availability, and student numbers. While extracurricular activities are anticipated, we cannot confirm specific details at this time

Le Bocage International Secondary School

Will Le Bocage International Secondary School be opening in Beau Champ?Yes, LBIS plans to open in Beau Champ. Although LBIS is independent from Clavis, the schools have a supportive relationship. LBIS plans to accept applications from Year 6 CIPS graduates from Beau Champ, with potential earlier openings based on community need. For specific information about LBIS’s expansion, please contact them directly.